“Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 1 “Direct and Indirect Narration”

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 1 “Direct and Indirect Narration” are a part of UP Board Master for Class 12 English. Right here we have now given UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 1 “Direct and Indirect Narration”

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 12
TopicEnglish Grammar
Chapter Identify“Direct and Indirect Narration”
ClassClass 12 English

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 1 “Direct and Indirect Narration”

Train 1

  1. The trainer mentioned that because the air received heated up, it rose upwards.
  2. The school discover says that admit playing cards will likely be issued to Intermediate candidates on Monday.
  3. My daughter mentioned that Mr. Tandon had rung up whereas I used to be out.
  4. The lawyer instructed the shopper that he should inform him the entire reality and shouldn’t conceal something from him.
  5. My uncle mentioned that when he was a pupil he used to participate in debate competitions.
  6. The vacationer mentioned that that metropolis.should have extra buses.
  7. The clerk instructed Pooja that he would get her depart sanctioned instantly and he or she needn’t fear about that.
  8. The passenger mentioned that if the prepare hadn’t been late, he would have missed it.
  9. He mentioned that the earlier morning the fog was so dense that he couldn’t go for a stroll.
  10. The speaker instructed the viewers that they have been accountable residents of the nation and they need to protect the solidarity of the nation.
  11.  Some saints instructed the those that they have been coming to them to gather donations.
  12.  The academics mentioned to the minister that they needed to get revised pay scales and that demand was on their precedence.
  13. The mom inform her daughter that she is just not feeling effectively. Therefore she herself ought to take the breakfast from the kitchen.
  14. Some college students instructed.me that they have been happy with me as I defined them each factor very clearly.
  15.  The servant instructed his grasp that he had been serving him for twenty years. He added that as he was 65 years of age then he couldn’t serve him any extra.

Train 2

  1. The boys requested when the subsequent check match could be performed.
  2. The spouse requested her husband why he downcast that day.
  3. I requested him the place had he discovered that outdated postage stamp.
  4. The candidate enquired what was the final date for submitting the appliance.
  5. The caretaker requested who had damaged the flower vase.
  6. The waiter requested the client whether or not he want to have tea or espresso.
  7. He requested if it was time to depart for the station.
  8. The trainer requested the boys if they’d taken down the questions.
  9. Aruna requested Vimla if she knew Najma’s tackle.
  10. He enquired of his solicitor if he had discovered time to look at his paperwork.
  11. He requested me kindly if I might have a cup of tea with him.
  12. My mom requested me why didn’t I sleep when I didn’t wish to research any extra.
  13. I requested the moneylender if he may lend me
    5000/- for 2 months.
  14.  The outdated lady requested the younger man politely to offer her the seat.
  15.  The affected person requested the physician very politely to look at him earlier than his flip as he was feeling very stressed.

Train 3

  1. The chief requested the individuals to excuse him as he was actually very late.
  2. My visitor requested me to go him the butter as he was unable to get it.
  3. The trainer forbade the scholars to make a noise until he got here again within the class.
  4. The astrologer suggested his buyer to go to Shani temple each Saturday and worship Shani Dev sincerely for 2 years.
  5. The principal instructed the academics to go to their courses directly as quickly because the interval began and to not depart the category earlier than it ends.
  6. The physician suggested the affected person to get himself admitted to the hospital until he felt higher.
  7. The chemist suggested the affected person to attend until night as that medication was out of inventory.
  8. The chief minister suggested the opposite ministers to go to their constituencies and hearken to the issues of the individuals.
  9. Our elders advise us to stand up at all times early within the morning and stroll within the open air for a while.
  10. We requested the librarian to offer us {the catalogue} of fiction books in English.
  11. The receptionist requested the stranger to be seated and refill that type accurately.
  12. The vacationer requested him to rearrange an AC 4 seated taxi for him for 4 days and three nights.
  13. All individuals advise us to respect our elders and obey our dad and mom and academics.

Train 4

  1. The servant prayed his grasp that he is perhaps allowed to take pleasure in his vacation.
  2. The scholars proposed the video games trainer that they need to play a match with the scholars of Shadilal school.
  3. The gardener recommended them to let him water the vegetation.
  4. All the scholars proposed that they need to end their work as quickly as potential.
  5. Prem requested his mom that he is perhaps allowed to remain in the home until father returned.
  6. The magician recommended to the spectators that he is perhaps allowed to organize himself for the next present.
  7. The scholars requested the invigilator that they is perhaps allowed to go exterior as they’d completed their work.
  8. The mom instructed her youngsters to let her take a shower earlier than she ready the breakfast.
  9. The nurse instructed the affected person to let her give him an injection and medicines earlier than he took lunch.
  10. The trainees proposed to their coach that they need to chortle as a lot as they may.
  11. The singer requested the viewers that he is perhaps allowed to sing a track of his personal selection.
  12. The physician requested the affected person to let him study his checks. He added that then he would give his prescription.
  13. The supervisor ordered them to let their director do what he thought correct.
  14. Shama requested her mom that she is perhaps permitted to resolve her life accomplice herself.
  15. The safety guard recommended the customer to let him search the permission of the secretary earlier than permitting him to enter.

Train 5

  1. The husband exclaimed with surprise that she was extraordinarily stunning.
  2. Addressing her son the mom exclaimed with sorrow that he had grown too weak.
  3. All of the members of the family exclaimed with grief that their care taker had gone from this world ceaselessly.
  4. The captain exclaimed with pleasure that they’d received the battle.
  5. The trainer exclaimed with contempt that his pupil had silly.
  6. Some college students exclaimed with pleasure that they’d been chosen in CPMT.
  7. The mom exclaimed with pleasure that her child was then out of hazard.
  8. The sailors exclaimed with awe that the storm was too harmful.
  9. The traveller exclaimed with shock that it was a too’stony pathway, therefore it was actually very troublesome to stroll on it.
  10. The examinees exclaimed with despair that the paper was too troublesome.

Train 6

  1. The mahatma prayed for me that God may give me braveness sufficient to bear that loss.
  2. My father wished me that I would win the race.
  3. The physician wished the affected person that he may recuperate quickly.
  4. The beggar wished me that I would reside lengthy and prosper.
  5. The trainer thanked the principal for sanctioning him lengthy depart.
  6. All of the sons want their grand father good morning.
  7. My nephew bade me good night time and hoped to see me the subsequent morning.
  8. The residents wished that their current prime minister may reside lengthy.
  9. A hermit wished me that I would progress in my religious practices.
  10. I needed my buddy that he may safe the very best marks.

Train 7

  1. Some college students bade me good morning respectfully.
  2. The servant thanked his grasp respectfully as he had helped him in his want.
  3. Calling a ivoman as his pricey mom, the milkman instructed her that he at all times provided her good milk.
  4. Netaji requested his beloved countrymen too give him blood and he would give them freedom.
  5. Calling him merciless, a person requested the police inspector why he was beating him for no offence.
  6. The principal ordered the scholars to go to their class rooms as quickly because the bell rang.
  7. My father suggested me to go for strolling within the morning if I needed to take care of my well being.
  8. The speaker requested to remain there until his speech was over.
  9. The captain ordered his troopers to not run away from the battlefield in the event that they needed to get honour.
  10. The servant instructed his mistress that he was a poor man and promised that he would serve her day and night time.

Train 8

1. Ram requested Shyam to come back and inform him one thing. At this Shyam requested him what he needed him to inform him. Ram answered that there was nothing particular and he solely needed to know what number of youngsters had been born in Kolkata the day prior to this. Shyam answered that he couldn’t say and he was positive no one would have the ability to give him that informaţion.

2. Mr. Sharma requested Arun when did he come from Kolkata. Arun answered respectfully that he had come the earlier night time. Mr. Sharma mentioned that he was glad. He additionally mentioned that he had not stayed there lengthy and requested if his brother additionally had come again. Arun answered respectfully that he hadn’t as a result of he was not effectively however he thought he would are available in a couple of week.

3. Jack requested his father if he may go and play. Father requested him if he had completed his homework. Jack replied within the unfavourable and that he may end it after- wards. Disagreeing his father suggested him to do his work first and play afterwards.

4. Hari requested Ramesh the place had he been so lengthy and mentioned that he was anticipating him earlier. Addressing Hari as his buddy Ramesh mentioned that he was to not blame as a result of P.S.D. coaching took lots of their time and that was the parade day and that was why he couldn’t come earlier.

5. The physician requested the affected person how lengthy had he been affected by fever. The affected person answered that the day prior to this he needed to go to his village in rain and since then he had been affected by fever. The physician suggested him to take that medication commonly after an interval of three hours and additional mentioned that he could be alright in three days. At this the affected person thanked the physician respectfully.

Train 9

  1. The hunter proposed to his buddy that they need to take an goal because the lion was not removed from them.
  2. The ticket collector mentioned to not hesitate as a result of he couldn’t go with out exhibiting his ticket.
  3. The Gita says that we must always do our responsibility and shouldn’t consider its end result.
  4. The rickshaw puller requested to name one other rickshaw puller as his rickshaw was not in working order.
  5.  The inspector requested the shopkeeper how he dared to weigh much less to the individuals once they paid him full price.
  6. The principal mentioned that he ought to discover one other college for himself and needn’t come there in any respect.
  7. The fish once more requested to place it again within the water then and catch him once more when it had develop up.
  8. Kaikeyi reminded her pricey husband that he had promised to grant him two boons to be requested any time based on her selection.
  9. Dashratha instructed his pricey queen that he remembered his promise very effectively and he may always remember that.
  10. The individuals prayed that God may grant him a protracted life to serve the nation.

Train 10

  1. An outdated man mentioned to his sons, “Don’t quarrel amongst yourselves.”
  2. I mentioned to the postman, “Do you could have any letter for me?”
  3. A saint mentioned to me, “Might God grant you a protracted life!”
  4. The gamers mentioned, “Hurrah ! We’ve received the match.”
  5. He mentioned to us, “Allow us to return residence.”
  6. He mentioned, “How expensive the material is !”
  7. The chief mentioned to the individuals, “I thanks for all of your assist. I couldn’t win the election with out your assist.”
  8. The trainer mentioned to Moti, “Depart the classroom directly and don’t return.”
  9. The physician mentioned to me, “You’re affected by fever. You should be very cautious in taking medicines.”
  10. The principal mentioned, “Boys, are you absolutely ready for the examination?”

Train 11
(From U.P. Board Examination Papers).

(i) The captain applauded saying that he had received the match.
(ii) The trainer requested the scholar if he had accomplished his homework.

(i) The traveller requested the peasant if he may inform him the best way to the closest inn.
(ii) The peasant answered him in affirmative and requested him if he needed the one wherein he may spend the night time.

(i) Ashish requested how he preferred his new home.
(ii) Sheela mentioned that she had misplaced her watch.

(i) My father suggested me to be punctual.
(ii) She suggested that he should respect his dad and mom.

(i) She promised her buddy to be relaxation assured and he or she would pay her again very quickly.
(ii) I complained that they’d not handled me pretty.

(i) Addressing the cadets as the long run sentinels of Mom India, the Director of the Navy Academy, mentioned that the nation reposed nice hope in them. He additional suggested them to work onerous in a disciplined method and are available as much as the expectations of the nation.
(ii) The grasp requested the lazy servant as to what he was doing there within the yard of the home.

(i) Manindra mentioned that he didn’t know his title.
(ii) My trainer instructed me that he would have solely a cup of tea as a result of he was indisposed.

(i) The chief ordered the troopers to not depart the put up.
(ii) He mentioned that man is mortal.

(i) Rahul bade Prashant good night time and mentioned that they might meet once more the subsequent day.
(ii) He exclaimed with grief that he had dropped his purse someplace and it had a good-looking sum of money.

(i) The wolf requested the lamb why he was making the water soiled.
(ii) The wolf warned the lamb that he had turn into very talkative and requested him to be silent in any other case he would eat him.

(i) She mentioned that she preferred her home.
(ii) I requested him if he was going.

(i) He recommended to not cease until we reached our aim.
(ii) He instructed me the day prior to this that he would return my ebook the subsequent day.

(i) Addressing the massive gathering at Ramlila Maidan as his pricey noble countrymen, Jawaharlal Nehru promised them that he would ever stay serving the reason for Mom India.
(ii) Hari requested Ram if he had accomplished his homework. Ram answered in unfavourable. Hari requested him its purpose. Ram answered that he couldn’t full his homework as a result of he couldn’t get time to finish it. (2013)

(i) The trainer grew to become indignant with the scholar and requested why he had disturbed the category in that approach and reminded him that he had instructed him earlier than that when he was talking, he must be silent. He additional ordered him to depart the room and to not return once more that day.
(ii) The robber instructed Alexander that he was his captive, he should hear what he was happy to say and endure what he was happy to inflict. He additional mentioned that his soul ws unconquered.

(i) The chairman proposed that they need to go on to the subsequent merchandise.
(ii) The refugee lady requested the shopkeeper to assist her starimg youngsters.

(i) He requested to let him go to zoo the subsequent day.
(ii) She instructed her dad and mom yesterday that she didn’t like physics.

(i) Her mom enquired my age.
(ii) Jaya requested Ramesh as to wher did he reside.

(i) He mentioned that he had misplaced his pen.
(ii) The union chief recommended that they need to present the bosses that they have been united.

(i) The trainer requested the scholar why he had come so late that day?
(ii) The mom suggested her daughter to not play exterior within the solar.

(i) The trainer mentioned that the solar units within the West.
(ii) He proposed that they need to cease there and relaxation for some time.

(i) Sarla enquired of Vimala if she would name on her within the night. Vimla replied within the affirmative.
(ii) John requested Richard whether he would go to highschool that day. Richard declined. At this John requested him its purpose. Richard instructed John that he wouldn’t go as a result of his mom was ailing and he needed to take care of her.

(i) He mentioned that he should go.
(ii) He mentioned that I used to be a pupil.

(i) He mentioned that that was his ebook.
(ii) He wished that I may need a contented journey.

(i) My father requested me why I used to be so desirous to go to the image that day.
(ii) He exclaimed that it was a superb likelihood.

(i) My father requested my buddy why he didn’t introduced his father to them that day.
(ii) I proposed to my buddy that we must always go on a visit to the Punjab.

(i) The trainer requested Ramesh the place he was going.
(ii) He requested his father to let him attend the wedding celebration of his buddy.
(i) Rajesh mentioned that he had purchased a automotive the day prior to this.
(ii) He wished that I would succeed.

(i) He mentioned that he should go.
(ii) He instructed me that I’m comfortable.

(i) My trainer suggested me to work onerous and that I might certainly succeed.
(ii) The beggar requested the passer-by to offer him 5 rupees.

(i) I typically inform my buddies that they’re all very pricey to me.
(ii) I requested him if he had not promised to come back.

(i) The poor woman request him to assist her in her hour of want.
(ii) The boy requested his trainer respectfully if he may enter the category.

(i) He mentioned that we’re all sinners.
(ii) Ram mentioned that he had a gathering final night time.

(i) She’s going to inform me that I’m not honest to her.
(ii) The devotee expressed sorrow, that his Guru was lifeless.

(i) He mentioned that God guidelines and governs all issues.
(ii) He requested me why I had struck him.

(i) He exclaimed with pleasure that it was an excellent alternative.
(ii) He wished that his father may reside lengthy.
He wished a protracted life for his father.

(i) The trainer requested me very angrily why I had come. He additional requested if he had not instructed me, by no means to see (must be present) my face once more.
(ii) He thanked me.

(i) I’ll say to the decide that he’s harmless.
(ii) I instructed him that he ought to contemplate his determination.

(i) The cricket workforce exclaimed with pleasure that they’d received the match.
(ii) He wished his buddies good morning and requested how they have been.

(i) She exclaimed with sorrow that how silly she had been.
(ii) Ravi requested him whether or not he did write a superb hand.

(i) The trainer mentioned that the solar units within the west:
(ii) My buddy suggested me to not bathe within the flooded river.

(i) He referred to as him ruffian and threatended to take him to the police station.
(ii) He wished his buddy good morning and requested how he was.

(i) Addressing the women and gents, the chief mentioned that he was grateful to all of them.
(ii) Sudha requested me whether or not I didn’t love her.

(i) He mentioned that he was misled.
(ii) His father exclaimed with pleasure that he had secured distinction in three topics.

(i) He proposed that they (we) shouldn’t say something about it until they hear the information.
(ii) The physician suggested the affected person to not eat fried substances.

(i) The stranger requested me the place I reside.
(ii) He exclaimed with sorrow that he was undone.

(i) All of the boys applauded us saying that our sport was glorious.
(ii) The Principal requested the boy why he was nonetheless ready there when he had already instructed him that he was so busy that he couldn’t see him that day.

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