“Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 3 “Transformation of Sentences”

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BoardUP Board
ClassClass 12
TopicEnglish Grammar
Chapter Title“Transformation of Sentences”
ClassClass 12 English

UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” Chapter 3 “Transformation of Sentences”

Train 1

  1. Sarita is so mild that she can’t hurt you.
  2. He’s so professional that he can’t be defeated within the race.
  3. The shoe is extraordinarily huge for my foot.
  4. These apples are so low cost that they can’t be good.
  5. They’re so proud that they can not attend your feast.
  6. The climate is so scorching that none can exit.
  7. Gold is so pricey that poor man can’t purchase it.
  8. The issue of inhabitants is so severe that it can’t be ignored.
  9. He was so frightened that he couldn’t converse.
  10. The information is so good that it can’t be true.
  11. It’s so chilly that none can exit.
  12. He’s keen past correct restrict for reward.
  13. The knife is so blunt that it can’t sharpen the pencil.
  14. He’s so in poor health that he can’t do something.
  15. He’s so form hearted that he can’t be a profitable administrator.

Train 2

  1. The information is simply too good to be true.
  2. We’re too intelligent to guess your each plan.
  3. It’s too darkish for us to see something.
  4. He’s too sincere to deceive his prospects.
  5. I’m too courageous to face the enemy.
  6. He’s too poor to present so heavy a bribe.
  7. Few leaders converse too quick to be understood.
  8. Gopal is simply too fats to take a seat.
  9. The e book is so pricey for me to purchase.
  10. One is rarely too previous to be taught.
  11. The bushes are too beneficial to fell them unnecessarily.
  12. She was too shy to talk a phrase.
  13. The paper was too troublesome for the coed to unravel it absolutely.
  14. This T.V. is simply too pricey to purchase it.
  15. You’re too wealthy to purchase any automobile.

Train 3

  1. My good friend scored marks increased than another one within the faculty. (Comparative Diploma).
    No different one scored so excessive marks as my good friend within the faculty. (Constructive Diploma)
  2. Studying Hindi is simpler than studying English. (Comparative Diploma)
  3. Few nations on the earth are as common as India. (Constructive Diploma)
    India is extra common than most different nations on the earth. (Comparative Diploma)
  4. No different animal is so mild as cow. (Constructive Diploma)
    Cow is mild than another animal. (Comparative Diploma)
  5. Invention of electrical bulb was essentially the most helpful invention. (Superlative Diploma)
    No different invention was so helpful because the invention of electrical bulb. (Constructive Diploma)
  6. The 4th day of our journey was extra nice than another day. (Comparative Diploma)
    No different day of our journey was as nice because the 4th day. (Constructive Diploma)
  7. Sudhakar is the brightest boy in his faculty. (Superlative Diploma)
    No different boy in his faculty is so vivid as Sudhakar. (Constructive Diploma)
  8. Rose is essentially the most lovely flower. (Superlative Diploma)
    Rose is extra lovely than another flower. (Comparative Diploma)
  9. No different diamond that I’ve ever seen is so huge as this one. (Constructive Diploma)
    This diamond is larger than another diamond that I’ve ever seen. (Comparative Diploma)
  10. I don’t work a lot as my father does. (Constructive Diploma)
  11. This meal is worse than another meal that I’ve ever eaten. (Comparative Diploma)
    No different meal that I’ve ever eaten is so dangerous as this one. (Constructive Diploma)
  12. Ramayana is extra sacred than most different sacred books of Hindus. (Comparative Diploma)
    Few sacred books of Hindus are so sacred as Ramayana. (Constructive Diploma)
  13. Chandni Chowk is busier market than most different markets. (Comparative Diploma)
    Few markets are so busy as Chandni Chowk. (Constructive Diploma),
  14. Kirmani is extra well-known than most different wicket-keepers. (Comparative Diploma)
    Kirmani is among the most well-known wicket keepers. (Superlative Diploma)
  15. The attention sight of Sohan is weaker than that of this boy. (Comparative Diploma)

Train 4

  1. The Tajmahal is grander than another constructing of the world.
  2. No different steel is so beneficial as gold.
  3. Iron is essentially the most helpful steel.
  4. The youthful sister is cleverer than the elder one.
  5. Only a few poets had been as nice as Tulsidas.
  6. Mahatma Gandhi was the best chief of the world.
  7. Cricket is among the hottest video games.
  8. Suresh just isn’t as robust as Ganesh.
  9. India is bigger than another democracy on the earth.
  10. Only a few cities in India are as lovely as Chandigarh.

Train 5

  1. Do you prefer to play any sport?
  2. Who doesn’t wish to sleep within the night time?
  3. Can they ever neglect their enemy?
  4. Don’t you already know the place of my start?
  5. Who doesn’t just like the music which Lata sings?
  6. Who else might have anticipated so?
  7. The place just isn’t a smart man honoured?
  8. Is ingesting not dangerous for well being?
  9. Who wish to be known as a idiot?
  10. Does cash develop on tree?
  11. Can there be any success with out exhausting work?
  12. Do joys and sorrows not go collectively?
  13. May even ants not train us a lesson?
  14. Who won’t develop. smart by means of expertise?
  15. Whom does candy music not please?

Train 6

  1. None desires to die.
  2. We will always remember Mahatma Gandhi,
  3. Combating is of no use now.
  4. Nothing is healthier than honesty.
  5. You aren’t prepared to alter your physician.
  6. Each physique has heard the identify of Mahatma Gandhi.
  7. We should always not lament any loss.
  8. The courageous deserve honour.
  9. There may be no smoke with out fireplace.
  10. Rustam was a fantastic warrior.
  11. None has seen the wind.
  12. A depraved man can by no means prosper.
  13. The Earth strikes around the Solar.
  14. Honesty is the perfect coverage.
  15. Books are our greatest mates.

Train 7

  1. The person is a grand piece of labor.
  2. I want I had an attractive spouse.
  3. It’s a very tremendous fabric.
  4. I want I might see my mom as soon as extra.
  5. It’s sorrowful that her little one died quickly.
  6. It’s a very shameful behaviour.
  7. It’s a very form act of you.
  8. It’s sorrowful (a matter of nice sorrow) that he’s totally ruined.
  9. I want that I had acquired success.
  10. It’s a very unhappy information.
  11. I want that I had been a hen.
  12. It’s a excellent concept.
  13. It is rather unusual that he succeeded with out working exhausting.
  14. None wish to be insulted.
  15. It’s joyful that you’ve got a male little one.

Train 8

  1. Could he be the principal of our faculty!
  2. Alas! He has been murdered.
  3. How huge the Himalaya is!
  4. Hurrah! You’ve gotten been chosen in first try.
  5. Could you be very wealthy!
  6. What a chilly night time it was!
  7. Alas! He failed.
  8. What a horrible scene!
  9. O for a glass of water!
  10. What a tremendous climate!
  11. How merciless his motion is!
  12. Would that I had not left house!
  13. How unusual he lives in Agra and has not seen the Taj!
  14. What an unkind comment!
  15. What a profitable man he’s!

Train 9

  1. No sooner did the birds see mę, they flew without delay.
  2. They by no means weep however when they’re in any bother.
  3. None however an professional mechanic can restore this watch.
  4. By no means fail to talk the reality.
  5. The academics haven’t left any train e book incorrect.
  6. You didn’t hold your promise.
  7. Your knife just isn’t blunt.
  8. Nice males by no means fail to make a sacrifice when vital.
  9. Gopal just isn’t the least careless about his research.
  10. You can’t contact the sky.
  11. He didn’t fail to assist me in my want.
  12. Fortune favours none however courageous.
  13. False mates won’t come to you however when you’ve got cash.
  14. He by no means fails to put on clear garments.
  15. Silver just isn’t so pricey as gold.

Train 10

  1. Chorus from insulting the poor.
  2. All people accepts that he has copied.
  3. This query is troublesome.
  4. Her sister is lucky to win the cup.
  5. He failed to achieve the assembly in time.
  6. As quickly because the hen noticed the hunter, it flew away.
  7. He’s too miser to spend cash even on himself.
  8. Keep away from to close any window of my room
  9. He all the time thanks me.
  10. He all the time speaks the reality.
  11. This home is nice.
  12. The sunshine is simply too dim for us to learn.
  13. He accomplished his work in time.
  14. As quickly as he noticed me, he ran away.
  15. Sarla is extra lovely than Sita.

Train 11

  1. A noise was heard by the principal.
  2. The bell is being rung by the peon.
  3. A lion has been shot by him.
  4. All these books may have been learn by me.
  5. I’m not crushed by my mom.
  6. Toys of clay will likely be made by me.
  7. The letter had already been posted by him.
  8. The letter was not being dictated by the officer.
  9. His faculty price has been paid by this pupil.
  10. My fan may have been repaired by the mechanic by this time.

Train 12

  1. Did you kill the hen ?
  2. The servant had lighted the lamp.
  3. These college students didn’t see the Taj.
  4. The sailors will save this boy.
  5. Will the fee name your son for interview.
  6. Few college students had been studying a novel.
  7. My dad and mom don’t love me.
  8. Is the hunter firing a gun ?
  9. Will the gardener have watered the vegetation ?
  10. She has knitted a’sweater.

Train 13

  1. By whom have you ever been abused ?
  2. Why is noise being made by you?
  3. By whom was uranium found ?
  4. The wall can simply be jumped by him.
  5. Your responsibility ought to be achieved first by you.
  6. Your ailing mom should be attended by you every day.
  7. The place has your watch been stored by you ?
  8. Can the entire Ramayana be learn by you in someday?
  9. Clear garments ought to be worn by you.
  10. How might your home be managed by you ?

Train 14

  1. The place have you ever put my umbrella?
  2. Who teaches you every day?
  3. You need to reply to this cost sheet on this week.
  4. Ought to I ship a servant there?
  5. Will you submit this letter tomorrow ?
  6. The physician should save this little one.
  7. Could you odor this flower!
  8. How can I ship him this message ?
  9. Who known as you ?
  10. Ought to the trainer mark you absent.

Train 15

  1. You’re requested to attend right here for a while.
  2. You’re requested to point out me the place the place the tailor was murdered.
  3. Let s new watch be bought by them.
  4. You’re ordered to name the servant earlier than me.
  5. Let the water be drunk by the monkey.
  6. Affected person ought to be given medicines.
  7. It’s proposed to let the voters vote freely.
  8. It’s recommended to let the child sleep.
  9. You’re suggested to not tease the poor.
  10. You’re forbidden to stroll on the grass.
  11. You’re commanded to march ahead and face the enemy,
  12. You’re ordered to do it without delay.

Train 16

  1. Please convey me a cup of espresso.
  2. Get the papers signed.
  3. Stand up at a.m. every day.
  4. It’s time to shut the outlets.
  5. Allow them to play chess.
  6. Don’t eat the bitter mangoes.
  7. I’ve to assist him.
  8. Do they are saying that he has gone to America ?
  9. The choose will announce the judgement tomorrow.
  10. Somebody has destroyed the vegetation.

Train 17

  1. English may be learn by her.
  2. An essay possibly written by you.
  3. Hindi may be spoken by us.
  4. His mom ought to be obeyed by him.
  5. Their meals should be eaten by them.
  6. Cricket must be performed by Ram.
  7. Blackboard should be checked out by us.
  8. it’s chair may be repaired by no boy.
  9. This letter will likely be written by you.
  10. English can’t be learn by her.

Train 18

  1. Let your affirmation of my depart the given on phont.
  2. Let your work be achieved as shortly as attainable.
  3. You’re forbidden to play with fireplace in joke.
  4. This affected person count on no restoration.
  5. His duties had been carried out by him in a good method.
  6. Set all of the birds free.
  7. The scholars known as off the strike after 4 days.
  8. All of the questions may be solved by you in a simple method.
  9. By whom will noble manners not be admitted?
  10. A pupil can paint an attractive image.
  11. The place has your baggage been put by you?
  12. Your good friend is preferred by no person as a result of he’s intelligent.
  13. Younger males want tight garments lately.
  14. Why are your medicines not taken by you at proper time?
  15. Individuals will keep in mind the sacrifice of Indian troopers in all ages

Train 19
(From U.P. Board Examination Papers)

1. She is extra clever than her brother.
(ii) It’s not probably that Rakesh will enable you to.
It’s unlikely that Rakesh won’t enable you to.

(i) The air of lowlands just isn’t so cool as that of hills.
(ii) I want that the desert had been my dwelling place.

(i) He was drawing a map.
(ii) None wish to be a slave.

(i) The nationwide anthem was sung by the kids.
(ii) No different Bengali poet is as nice as Tagore.

(i) Only a few video games are as common as soccer.
(ii) You’re ordered to close the door.

(i) No sooner did Ram see me than he known as me.
(ii) How lovely is the Taj mahal!

(i) What a tremendous image it’s!
(ii) You’re suggested to take him house.

(i) You’re ordered to open all of the doorways and the home windows.
(ii) The climate may be very tremendous.

(i) This shirt is simply too free for me to put on.
(ii) Every other bowler within the crew doesn’t bowl as quick as Zaheer Khan.

(i) He’s so miserly that he can’t spend any cash.
(ii) His servant could also be despatched by him if he doesn’t come.

(1) What a tremendous image it’s !
(ii) No different coverage is healthier than honesty.

12. Could this e book be seen by me!

13. Only a few college students of this faculty are nearly as good as Hari.

14. He didn’t discover him sincere.

(i) No different metropolis in U.P. is as huge as Kanpur.
(ii) My meals has been had by me.

(i) Many of the singers are inferior to Lata.
(ii) Nice issues are completed by nice males.

(i) Iron is essentially the most helpful steel.
(ii) Let all of the home windows by open.

18. All people will blame us.

(i) He noticed me.
(ii) A rupee was given to me by him.

(i) May anyone else have achieved it?
(ii) No different city is so clear as Bengaluru.

(i) These bushes have been reduce down by the woodcutter.
(ii) Assam just isn’t so scorching as Bihar.

(i) Can their glory by no means fade ?
(ii) All people is aware of M.Ok. Gandhi.

(i) By whom are you taught English?
(ii) Shyam just isn’t so clever as Ram.

(i) I’m not so nice as he’s.
(ii) Two thousand bushes had been planted by us in our faculty final 12 months.

25. Solely the courageous deserves the honest.

(i) Parker is the perfect pen.
(ii) I’m taught by her.

(i) Our elders must be proven respect.
(ii) Did I not give it to my neighbour?

(i) No different king is so nice as Ashoka within the historical past of India.
(ii) Winter is adopted by Summer season.

(i) I’ve been significantly astonished at your behaviour.
(ii) Brutus didn’t love Caesar.

(i) He ought to be subjected to a extreme examination.
(ii) On the solar rise the fog disappeared.

(i) She is essentially the most clever woman within the class.
(ii) It’s time to be appeared into the matter.

(i) He’s so weak that he can’t elevate this weight.
(ii) Our academics are recognized to us.

(1) By whom are you taught English?
(ii) No sooner did the trainer enter the category than the scholars stood up.

(i) As quickly as I entered the room, he began rebuking me.
(ii) His father was begged by him to forgive him.

(i) My pocket has been picked.
(ii) Mumbai is richer than many cities.

(i) Who can put up with such conduct?
(ii) Let he be advised to depart the room without delay.

Train 20

  1. I like all of the fruits however I don’t like banana.
  2. He’s wealthy in addition to very beneficiant.
  3. He’s poor but he’s beneficiant.
  4. He was very hungry so he went to a lodge.
  5. You wish to get good well being so you should stroll repeatedly.
  6. Chances are you’ll ship money or a draft.
  7. He took an intention and fired on the tiger.
  8. He was copying within the examination so the trainer punished him.
  9. He desires to catch the prepare so he should ran quick.
  10. He was not solely a author but additionally an excellent speaker.
  11. We noticed the trainer coming so we stopped speaking.
  12. You shouldn’t fail so you should work exhausting.

Train 21

  1. Listening to the footsteps of the gardener, the boys ran away.
  2. Discovering himself in issue, he went to an astrologer.
  3. He being proud, I don’t like him.
  4. Having completed his work, he went to sleep.
  5. We should eat to dwell.
  6. Discovering a rupee he was delighted.
  7. He took no discover of my order to halt.
  8. Being good you may be joyful.
  9. Because of having no cash, I couldn’t give the beggar something.
  10. Inspite of looking out the room, he couldn’t discover his watch.
  11. In case of you being late, one other participant will likely be chosen.
  12. With out permission slip you’ll not be allowed to enter the examination corridor.

Train 22

  1. I do know that he’s an clever boy.
  2. I can’t foretell after I shall depart.
  3. The captain hoped that he would win the match.
  4. Please inform me whenever you had been born.
  5. I count on that I shall get cash right now.
  6. It’s supposed that he’s a millionaire.
  7. That they had taken their meals earlier than they went for strolling.
  8. The query was so troublesome that it couldn’t be solved!
  9. The people who find themselves exhausting working are all the time joyful.
  10. A stone which rolls gathers no moss.
  11. I noticed a snake which was wounded.
  12. He quickly forgot the mercy which I confirmed.
  13. He’s so sincere that he can’t settle for the bribe.
  14. I’ve constructed this home in order that my kids could dwell in it.
  15. When our Prime Minister visited the usA., he acquired a heat welcome.

Train 23

  1. I can’t consider your assertion.
  2. I have no idea the explanation of her weeping.
  3. The previous beggar happening the highway is blind.
  4. Nobody believes in his a lot fame in India.
  5. The folks pray for the fast progress of India.
  6. By no means hold the corporate of dishonest boys.
  7. I used to be unsure of his success.
  8. The sky being clear, we resumed our journey.
  9. The motive force drove the bus quick to achieve in time.
  10. Seeing policeman, he cried without delay.
  11. Within the absence of my assist, you can not win the election.
  12. He’s to intelligent too be deceived.
  13. Our trainer reached the station after the departure of the prepare.
  14. He being wealthy, all respect him.
  15. I bought a brand new e book having excellent essays.

Train 24

  1. He works exhausting but he’s poor.
  2. He was courageous so he might face any hazard.
  3. Be sincere and you may be revered.
  4. He has been crushed so he’s weeping.
  5. He stood first although he’s weak.
  6. He’s a wealthy man and all comprehend it.
  7. The canine barked and the thief ran away.
  8. The physician has suggested him so he takes mild meals.
  9. He raised the gun and shot the tiger without delay.
  10. Search your pockets and you will see your watch.
  11. The earth is spherical and we will show it additionally.
  12. A trainer was educating on this interval and he’s the vice principal.
  13. If I get a correct invitation, then I shall attend your feast.
  14. You’ve gotten achieved a blunder and I’m sure of it.
  15. She had teased her brother so she was crushed.

Train 25

  1. He was punished as a result of he was discovered telling a lie.
  2. He took relaxation as a result of he was drained.
  3. If we do good to others, God will likely be happy with us.
  4. When you spare the rod, you’ll spoil the kid.
  5. In case you are not honest, you’ll lose your popularity.
  6. When you go for a stroll every day, you’re going to get an excellent well being.
  7. When you contact the hearth, it’ll burn your hand.
  8. As quickly because the physician reached, the affected person died.
  9. Though he isn’t in good well being but he works day and night time.
  10. All admit that he’s an excellent chief.
  11. ‘ Our principal doesn’t punish any boy as a result of he’s very form.
  12. When the dinner was over, we went house.
  13. Though electrical energy is an effective servant but it’s a dangerous grasp.
  14. You’ll by no means turn into skilful as a result of you don’t apply.
  15. As quickly as he got here out, he was caught without delay.

Train 26

  1. He’s affluent as a result of he works exhausting.
  2. The solar having risen, we went out.
  3. The noise was heard and each one got here out.
  4. He’s lazy so he can by no means succeed.
  5. He advised me an attention-grabbing story.
  6. Though he’s wealthy but he isn’t joyful.
  7. He has a easy nature so everybody loves him.
  8. Ramdin has a really massive household so he’s sad.
  9. He quickly grew to become poor as a result of he lived an extravagant life.
  10. Having misplaced his toy the kid started to cry.
  11. He’s so drained that he can’t play.
  12. You need to admit that you’ve got dedicated a mistake.
  13. Don’t mend your methods and you’ll have to repent.
  14. He appears to be an clever man.
  15. He labored exhausting so he was very drained.
  16. I’m sure that I shall offer you satisfaction.
  17. Inform me what’s your identify.
  18. I’ve a hoop which is manufactured from gold.
  19. I requested him the explanation of going there.
  20. It’s sure that he’ll go to Delhi.
  21. Within the ultimate match of the Sirkar Event, an annual occasion, Dayanand School defeated Subhash School by two targets.
  22. His writing was so dangerous that one couldn’t learn it.
  23. It’s by no means so late that it can’t be learnt.
  24. I’m sure about his honesty.
  25. The king took shelter within the hut that belonged to hermit.
  26. All of the villagers revered the poor.
  27. He was an sincere poor man.

(i) He was in dangerous well being so he couldn’t work.
(ii) A letter is written by Madan.

(i) You’re suggested to stroll to the left.
(ii) I want that I had been a baby once more.

(i) Iron is heavier than another steel.
(ii) All people is charmed by the music of Orpheus.

(i) One’s responsibility should be achieved.
(ii) If we don’t keep self-discipline, the trainer will punish us.

(i) You can’t obey your academics.
(ii) He determined that his home ought to be bought.

(i) All people is aware of our Prime Minister.
(ii) It’s time for our classes to ‘ve learnt.

(i) Though he has all riches, he isn’t contented.
(ii) Man is a grand piece of labor.

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