Class 12 English Grammar Chapter Four Syntax

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UP Board Master for “Class 12 English Grammar” “Chapter 4 Syntax”

Observe : निम्नलिखित उठारों में आशुद्ध शब्दों के सामने शुद्ध शब्द दिए गए है अर्थात् आशुद्ध शब्द = शुद्ध शब्द तथा जहाँ पूरे वाक्य में परिवर्तन करना आवश्यक है वहाँ शुद्ध वाक्य दिया गया है।

Train 1

  1. Trouser = trousers,
  2. month’s = month’s,
  3. rupees = rupee,
  4. was = had been,
  5. are = is,
  6. spectacle = spectacles,
  7. furnitures = items of furnishings,
  8. fish = fish,
  9. Sadhna = Sadhna’s
  10. Mohan’s sister’s track = track of Mohan’s sister,
  11. home is = homes are,
  12. are = is,
  13. dozens = dozen,
  14. informations = info or gadgets of data,
  15. furnitures = items of furnishings,
  16. a black shoe = a pair of black footwear,
  17. tons of = hundred,
  18. have = has,
  19. sceneries = surroundings, are = is,
  20. desk’s leg = leg of desk.

Train 2

  1. spirit = spirits,
  2. surrounding is = environment are,
  3. mark = marks,
  4. clothings = clothes,
  5. these informations = this info,
  6. was = had been, lot of errors = numerous errors,
  7. regard = regards,
  8. arm = up arms,
  9. lot = rather a lot,
  10. offsprings = offspring.

Train 3

  1. sceneries = surroundings, are = is,
  2. surrounding = environment,
  3. mild travels quicker than sound.
  4. arrear = arrears,
  5. furnitures = furnishings,
  6. hound = hounds,
  7. these information have = this information has,
  8. any mind = any mind,
  9. our room’s roof = the roof of our room,
  10. The son of Mr. Brown’s = Mr. Brown’s son.

Train 4

  1. Their = his,
  2. myself = 1,
  3. whom = who,
  4. he = one,
  5. both = any,
  6. whom = who,
  7. their = his,
  8. I = me,
  9. his = one’s,
  10. had been = was, their = his/her, uniforms = uniform,
  11. are = is, their = her,
  12. that = whom,
  13. absents = lf
  14. life = lives,
  15. I = me,
  16. different = one other,
  17. Everybody = Every, are = is,
  18. who = that,
  19. whom = who,
  20. are = am

Train 5

  1. Resigned = resigned myself,
  2. I = me,
  3. John and also you = you and John,
  4. which = that,
  5. me = 1,
  6. neither = none,
  7. that = which,
  8. their = theirs,
  9. your home is massive,
  10. none = neither,
  11. these of ours = ours,
  12. himself = him,
  13. the nation of ours = our nation,
  14. who Whom,
  15. what = that

Train 6

  1. newest = final,
  2. Take away ‘extra’,
  3. than = to,
  4. any newspaper = all newspapers,
  5. the very best = higher,
  6. The nice Ashoka = Ashoka the good,
  7. final = newest,
  8. than = to that,
  9. Haldwani = than that of Haldwani,
  10. than = to,
  11. than = to,
  12. a lot = very,
  13. latter = later,
  14. seven days = seventh day,
  15. the 2 first = the primary two,
  16. a = the,
  17. any = some other,
  18. extra = essentially the most,
  19. little = the little,
  20. complete = the entire.

Train 7

  1. some = any,
  2. solely = just for few days,
  3. older = elder,
  4. than = to,
  5. elder is appropriate,
  6. all of the = all different,
  7. The best = simpler,
  8. any = some,
  9. little = a little bit,
  10. outermost = outer.

Train 8

  1. will once more = once more
  2. had been = was,
  3. are = is,
  4. are = is,
  5. has written = wrote,
  6. If you’ll run = When you run,
  7. is studying = has been studying,
  8. has = have,
  9. has = have,
  10. has = have,
  11. are = is,
  12. shall = ought to, tomorrow = the following day,
  13. was = is
  14. am = have been
  15. have been = are,
  16. have = has,
  17. did = had executed,
  18. did he fail = he failed,
  19. have = has, their = his,
  20. are = is.

Train 9

  1. Who went with you to the film ?
  2. I don’t know the place all the cash has gone.
  3. What does all this lecture imply?
  4. When was your work accomplished ?
  5. Why do you not take the matter severely.?
  6. How a lot does this ebook price available in the market ?
  7. The instructor requested me what languages I knew.
  8. I wish to learn to communicate English.
  9. Which query will you reply first ?
  10. I can’t perceive why Sudhir failed in Hindi.

Train 10

  1. is containing = comprises,
  2. learn = are studying,
  3. am by no means lacking = by no means miss,
  4. are needing = want.
  5. knocks = is knocking,
  6. is often getting = often will get,
  7. are often watching = often watch,
  8. make = are making,
  9. is proudly owning = owns,
  10. am listening to = hear,
  11. learns = is studying,
  12. am liking = like.

Train 11

  1. has returned = returned
  2. has sunk = sank
  3. completed = end
  4. simply spoke = have simply spoken
  5. accomplished = have accomplished
  6. have handed = handed
  7. He has already paid his revenue tax
  8. hasn’t talked about = didn’t point out
  9. have met = met
  10. have identified = know.

Train 12

  1. has been not = has not been
  2. solely wrote = wrote solely
  3. to not copy = to repeat
  4. too = very
  5. too very
  6. sufficient low = low sufficient
  7. too = very
  8. too = extraordinarily
  9. mainly wrote = wrote = wrote mainly
  10. than = however
  11. have taught = haven’t taught
  12. comes late usually = usually comes late
  13. golden all the time = all the time golden
  14. simply walks = walks simply
  15. too = extraordinarily
  16. fainted = virtually fainted
  17. earnestly को finish में लिखे
  18. no any’ = no
  19. Firstly = first
  20. than = however.

Train 13

  1. on a violin = the violin,
  2. Earth = The earth,
  3. a = an,
  4. Darkest = The darkest,
  5. a = an,
  6. is = is a,
  7. The each = Each the
  8. The gold = Gold,
  9. Kalidas = The Kalidas,
  10. Ganges = The Ganges,
  11. The person = Man
  12. an = a
  13. White cat = a white cat,
  14. The carriage = carriage,
  15. a stupendous = stunning.

Train 14

  1. Moon = The moon,
  2. map = a map,
  3. Peacock = The peacock,
  4. greatest = the very best, is offered = are offered,
  5. simple = a simple,
  6. in = of,
  7. such a = so,
  8. at early = at an early,
  9. The final = Final,
  10. scholar = a scholar,
  11. a worthwhile = worthwhile.

Train 15

  1. doesn’t come = comes
  2. then = there,
  3. then = at the moment,
  4. then = when
  5. however = but,
  6. or = nor,
  7. don’t request = request,
  8. then = when,
  9. solely I used to be not fined however punished additionally = I used to be not solely fined but additionally punished.
  10. Lions are each present in Asia and in Africa = Lions are present in each Asia and Africa.
  11. then = when,
  12. however = but additionally,
  13. Each lecturers in addition to college students = Lecturers as nicely college students each
  14. Your are both a idiot or a depraved.
  15. My buddy will give me both a ebook or some cash.

Train 16

  1. at = to,
  2. in = for,
  3. on = at,
  4. behind = after,
  5. with = beside,
  6. from Monday = since Monday,
  7. on = upon,
  8. I’m going on Sunday to temple.
  9. with = to,
  10. in = on,
  11. earlier than = to, of = for,
  12. with = in.

Train 17

  1. of
  2. at
  3. between
  4. until
  5. at
  6. since
  7. into
  8. of
  9. to
  10. to, for
  11. with
  12. with
  13. of
  14. from, until.

Train 18

  1. 1. to not inform = not inform,
  2. 2. to weep = weep,
  3. 3. to invited to be invited,
  4. 4. to go = to have handed,
  5. 5. to interrupt = to have damaged,
  6. 6. ought obey = should obey,
  7. 7. to prosper and to progress = to prosper and progress,
  8. 8. to sleep = sleep,
  9. 9. to see = to have seen,
  10. to have gone = to go,
  11. to right away go = to go instantly,
  12. want to not come = needn’t come.

Train 19

  1. to play = enjoying
  2. to go = going,
  3. to speak = from speaking,
  4. to stroll = of strolling ,
  5. to win = in profitable,
  6. Studying of = The studying of,
  7. buddy = buddy’s,
  8. to get= of getting,
  9. me = my,
  10. Time = the time
  11. at = to,
  12. realizing = realizing about us,
  13. to go for to see = to see,
  14. Looking = The searching,
  15. enjoying of = enjoying, learning of = learning,

Train 20

  1. Being = He being,
  2. retiring = retired,
  3. Being = It being
  4. Consuming = Having eaten,
  5. Enjoying = Whereas enjoying,
  6. tiring = drained,
  7. defeating = defeated,
  8. Studying = Whereas studying,
  9. Being = It being
  10. The data of homicide having bought, he was arrested.
  11. Going = Whereas going,
  12. killed = Having killed.

Train 21
(From U.P. Board Examination Papers)

(i) Nitin is a college scholar.
(ii) Vipin is Rahul’s eldest brother.
(iii) Milk is preferable to espresso.
(iv) 100 rupees is just not an enormous sum nowadays.
(v) Your shirt is inferior to mine.
(vi) The prepare had began earlier than he reached the station.

(i) He has been unwell ever since he left us.
(ii) He went to Lucknow yesterday.
(iii) The ship with all its passengers was sunk.
(iv) There’s little or no water within the glass.
(v) Kalidas is among the biggest poets of India.
(vi) Except you’re employed onerous, you can’t go.

(i) It is a helpful ebook.
(ii) My buddy is in nice hassle.
(iii) It’s they who’ve executed this work.
(iv) I heard the information an hour in the past.
(v) He was absent from the examination.

(i) He has gone residence.
(ii) The affected person had died earlier than the physician got here.
(iii) Love is its personal reward.
(iv) I noticed three deer within the forest.
(V) He’s junior to my brother.
(vi) I wish to examine in a college.

(i) Neither he nor his father was accident.
(ii) This pen is healthier than that of this make.
(iii) Mrs. Gandhi delivered her final speech at Bhubaneshwar.
(iv) The streets of Kolkata are wider than these of Varanasi.
(v) Few of the remarks that he made had been very suggestive.

(i) It’s a world the place the wealthy hate the poor.
(ii) Although he’s poor but sincere.
(iii) You your self are accountable.
(iv) For well being, milk is preferable to tea.
(v) I don’t pay heed to his nonsensical talks.
(vi) He’s very proud.

(i) The solar rises within the east and units within the west.
(ii) The type man will pity the poor.
(iii) Your info is fake.
(iv) His poems are mystic.
(v) I like greens.
(vi) Some thief has robbed me of my watch.

(i) He wants a pair of spectacles.
(ii) The sport has come to an finish.
(iii) Sohan and I had been current.
(iv) Her eldest brother is just not right here.
(v) He reached the railway station in time.
(vi) Be sort of those that are poor.

(i) I want strolling to swimming.
(ii) He died of fever.
(iii) He goes to temple at 7 o’clock.
(iv) Of the 2 boys he was extra clever.
(v) She resembles her father.
(vi) You might be all the time late.

(i) I got here to Varanasi a month in the past.
(ii) He prevented me from doing it.
(iii) Gopal has been unwell for 4 days.
(iv) The rise and fall of the tide is because of the moon.
(v) The information of the battle is nice immediately.
(vi) One mustn’t boast of 1’s wealth.

(i) She has executed it.
(ii) If I had been you I’d by no means try this.
(iii) The information is true.
(iv) The furnishings of my class was disposed of.
(v) She is senior to me.
(vi) He’s coming from Varanasi.

(i) The odor of those flowers could be very candy.
(ii) Two and two make 4.
(iii) Her reply was. resembling I had anticipated.
(iv) He’s a college scholar.
(v) What sort of man is he ?
(vi) Seldom have I learn such an attention-grabbing novel.

(i) The place are you coming from ?
(ii) My trousers are soiled.
(ii) I’ll avail of this opportunity.
(iii) They themselves are accountable.
(v) You can’t discover such a pleasant man wherever.
(vi) There’s a greatest resolution to each drawback.

(i) Jealousy is unhealthy.
(ii) It is a good poem.
(iii) He’s in debt.
(iv) The Himalayas deceive the north of India.
(v) Is he in jail ?
(vi) The extra you get the extra you need.

(i) The final in addition to the troopers are operating away.
(ii) I keep away from going there.
(iii) My brother informed me that the earth is spherical.
(iv) I transfer slowly lest I ought to get drained.
(v) He complained towards Ram to the instructor.
(vi) That is the person who met me yesterday.

(i) American individuals are wealthy.
(ii) Everybody of them has a blanket.
(iii) It’s he who has executed it.
(iv) Sarita is senior to me.
(v) She is cleverer than her sister.
(vi) The books on the desk are mine.

(i) Mumps is a harmful illness.
(ii) This ebook is mine.
(iii) You might be junior to me.
(iv) He’s the very best boy within the class.
(v) When you come, I shall make it easier to.
(vi) Neither of those youngsters has stolen your pen.

(i) Neither of them was there.
(ii) I don’t perceive why is he so offended with the.
(iii) I’ve been unwell for 2 days.
(iv) No fewer than 5 boys had been absent.
(v) He o the person who I do know is reliable.

(i) That is higher of the 2.
(ii) Mohan is miser.
(iii) The Indus is a protracted river within the Punjab.
(iv) He has no ebook.
(v) He has been unwell since Sunday.
(vi) We made him our captain.

(i) Don’t hanker on cash.
(ii) Please knock on the door earlier than you enter the home.
(iii) She ordered his dismissal.
(iv) This meals tastes candy.
(v) I’m very completely satisfied to see you.
(vi) Neither of the movies is price seeing.

(i) That’s the excessive view.
(ii) Sita is extra charming than any residing girl.
(iii) Are you able to lend me some cash ?
(iv) I returned the ebook final Sunday.
(V) Iron is a helpful steel.
(vi) He insisted him to depart the category.

(i) The poor are sad.
(ii) One should do one’s obligation fastidiously.
(iii) You might be junior to me.
(iv) Gold is a pricey steel.
(v) You needn’t go there.
(vi) It being Sunday, I didn’t go to school.

(i) I noticed a wounded chicken.
(ii) The canine ran quick.
(iii) He knocked on the door.
(iv) It’s I who did it.
(v) Candy are the makes use of of adversity.
(vi) The wealthy prosper and the poor endure.

(i) It’s the similar watch that I bought immediately.
(ii) He went to Mumbai yesterday.
(iii) I personally can do it.
(iv) Your declare is previous to your sister’s.
(v) Your data is ideal.
(vi) My brother is elder to me.

(i) I want espresso to tea.
(ii) He reached the Railway station nicely in time.
(iii) He’s a European, not an Asian.
(iv) I prefer to learn the Hindu.
(v) He runs very quick.
(vi) Many a patriot has died for his motherland.

(i) He’s taller of the 2 brothers.
(ii) He loved himself throughout the holdings.
(iii) The thinker and the poet have come.
(iv) Bid him for ending the work.
(v) The coat being torn wants mending.
(vi) Though he was poor but he was sincere

(i) He says he has a automobile moreover a scooter.
(ii) The instructor referred to as Ravi and requested him to explain the incident.
(iii) I’ve been on this occupation for 5 years.
(iv) Bread and butter are what we often have in breakfast.
(v) The inhabitants of Delhi is bigger than that of Lucknow.
(vi) Of the 2 college students, the one from Agra is the higher.

(i) The type man will pity the poor.
(ii) I misplaced tons of of books.
(iii) The sport got here to an finish.
(iv) The place is the envelope of this letter?
(v) Columbus found America.
(vi) His poetry is mystic.

(i) Ravi is the elder of his two sons.
(ii) This wooden is superior to that.
(iii) He was a frightened baby.
(iv) He went to Lucknow by automobile.
(v) He and I are engaged on a challenge.
(vi) Stroll fastidiously lest you need to fall.

(i) The extra you might have, the extra you covet.
(ii) Gold is a treasured steel.
(iii) Mohan and Ram have misplaced their books.
(iv) Ask him to go.
(v) The water of Ganga and Yamuna is alleged to be completely different in color.
(vi) Whose cattle are these?

(i) We should assist the poor.
(ii) Physics is an attention-grabbing topic.
(iii) I convey might thanks for his help.
(iv) One should love one’s nation.
(v) He prefers espresso to exploit.
(vi) He’s braver than we anticipated.

(i) The mom forbade the son to inform lies.
(ii) The scenes of Kashmir are charming.
(iii) He ran 100 mile race.
(iv) Except you’re employed onerous, you can’t succeed.
(v) A scorpion, sitting on the gate, stung him.
(vi) The troopers are passing into the tunnel.

(i) The solar rises within the east.
(ii) He gave alms to the beggar.
(iii) The wages of sin is loss of life.
(iv) He reached the railway station fairly nicely in time.
(v) He’s my elder brother.
(vi) Each the brothers love one another.

(i) This is among the most attention-grabbing books which have ever been printed.
(ii) Information is preferable to riches.
(iii) I forbade you to enter this room.
(iv) Two years have handed since my father died.
(v) He was offended with me.
(vi) He fastidiously investigated the case.

(i) It’s I who am responsible.
(ii) There’s intimacy between him and me.
(iii) A modest man doesn’t boast upon his deserves.
(iv) You might be proper in holding that opinion.
(v) They repented on occurring strike.
(vi) When an individual is drained, he ought to chill out for some time.

(i) Two miles is just not a protracted distance.
(ii) He returned solely yesterday.
(iii) The information is simply too good to not be true.
(iv) He’s a lot keen on video games.
(v) I wrote this letter final night.
(vi) The solar offers us mild and life.

(i) The gold is heavier than iron.
(ii) Form man will pity poor.
(iii) I went out for a stroll.
(iv) I do know French and the English languages.
(v) Who
(vi) Who was the inventor of gunpowder?
(vii) His poetry are mystic.

(i) He goals to face first this yr.
(ii) He’s too weak to stroll.
(iii) The step taken is both proper or mistaken.
(iv) He washed neither his arms nor his face.
(v) She has no different purpose than to see her mom.
(vi) It’s 4 by my watch.

(i) Columbus found America.
(ii) I’m not on taking phrases with him.
(iii) On seeing the snake he bought very a lot afraid.
(iv) A ship sail in water.
(v) I congratulate you in your success.
(vi) The local weather of India is hotter than England.

(i) Please inform me concerning the particulars of your publications.
(ii) Each ebook and each journal within the library is in a foul form.
(iii) I discover getting up early within the morning ignore preferable.
(iv) It’s true that I had met her final yr.
(v) He is similar man who got here right here yesterday.
(vi) Potatoes had been launched in India lengthy earlier than the arrival of the British.

(i) His mom is confined to her mattress.
(ii) He in addition to you’re harmless.
(iii) Pull chain to cease the prepare.
(iv) I doubt if he’ll go.
(v) Onerous work is the important thing to success.
(vi) I’ve not seen him recently.

(i) Company are inspired to avail of themselves the total vary of lodge amenities.
(ii) Police suspect an area gang.
(iii) There are lots of forms of deer.
(iv) Every of the 2 houses was barely completely different.
(v) The selection was of him.
(vi) Ram is the eldest of their two sons.

(i) All of the articles of furnishings had been destroyed.
(ii) The summons has been issued.
(iii) I’ve a ten-rupee be aware.
(iv) Can one not do what one likes.
(v) Neither of them was invited to the social gathering.
(vi) I have no idea who you’re.

(i) The celebrities had been the one information of ours.
(ii) He had gone earlier than you got here.
(iii) I’m assured of profitable.
(iv) What do you purpose at?
(v) You needn’t fear.
(vi) Your examination will start on Monday.

(i) One of many members of his household is a brigadier.
(ii) I’ve disposed of my home.
(iii) They sat within the shade of a tree.
(iv) Both my son or these youngsters have broken this window.
(v) If get a promotion I’ll get a better wage.
(vi) 5 instances 5 is twenty 5.

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