Class 10 English

Class 10 English Grammar Parts of a Sentence

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameGrammar Parts of a Sentence
ClassClass 10 English

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Components of a Sentence

Train 1

  1. The tall woman within the room is a singer.
  2. That quick boy within the class is clever.
  3. The little hen within the cage is consuming a guava.
  4. That younger man within the workplace is punctual.
  5. The poor college students within the ( faculty are given scholarships.
  6. An previous girl with a stick was helped by me.
  7. The brand new photos within the drawing room are very lovely.
  8. These books within the shelf are all new ones.
  9. A couple of good poets are current at the moment.
  10. His youthful sister in Meerut is affected by fever

Train 2

  1. My mom is a clever girl.
  2. Many individuals dislike smoking.
  3. He gave me a e book to learn.
  4. The boy prefers to play.
  5. The Governor nominated Ravi a member.
  6. My sister by no means enjoys boating within the lake.
  7. His brother gave him a gift.
  8. My youthful brother lives in Agra.
  9. Mom heard somebody ( knocking on the door.
  10. He promised to assist me.
  11. The prepare was late by two hours.
  12. There have been few ladies in my class.
  13. The hunter killed a tiger within the forest.
  14. My father teaches me English every day.
  15. The poor boy has no footwear to put on.

Train 3

  1. I used to be in Kanpur final week.
  2. I deal with my lecturers with respect.
  3. He has a effectively furnished home.
  4. This home was constructed by your grandfather.
  5. There are a number of errors in your essay.
  6. My son is an officer within the military.
  7. This submit of District Justice of the Peace is just not a mattress of roses.
  8. The scholars ought to respect their elders.
  9. Roza is leaving for Agra tomorrow.
  10. She felt sorry for her vanity.
  11. The monkeys quarrel amongst themselves.
  12. He gave his daughter a doll.
  13. The previous girl bought her golden bowl.
  14. Alan’s father gave him a bicycle.
  15. He suggested me to write down 5 pages on a regular basis.
  16. My father taught me swimming.
  17. He had not gone to Delhi ( yesterday.
  18. I shall by no means forgive you.
  19. Please give me one thing to eat.
  20. Regretting on his loss the grasping vendor cried.

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