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Class 10 English Grammar Parts of Speech

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Elements of Speech are a part of .UP Board Master for Class 10 English chapter List Right here we’ve got given UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Elements of Speech.

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameParts of Speech
ClassClass 10 English

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Elements of Speech

The Noun

Train 1

  1. milk (materials), kids (widespread),
  2. Subhash Chandra Bose (correct), chief (widespread), India (correct)
  3. ring (widespread), gold (materials),
  4. desk (widespread),
  5. Hindus (correct), the Ganges (correct),
  6. childhood (summary),
  7. interval (summary), life (summary),
  8. boys (widespread),
  9. crowd ( (collective), folks (widespread),
  10. apple (widespread), fruit (widespread),
  11. knowledge (summary), man (widespread),
  12. military (collective),
  13. Parliament Home (correct), constructing (widespread),
  14. books (widespread),
  15. Chandni Chowk (correct), market (widespread), Delhi (Correct).

The Pronoun

Train 1

  1. Did you damage your toe if you had been working ?
  2. She has accomplished her work.
  3. The palace which the king constructed prices two lacs.
  4. My ebook has been misplaced.
  5. That boy gained the prize.
  6. The canine which bit me was shot lifeless by my brother.
  7. I wash my garments myself.
  8. I brush my tooth on a regular basis.
  9. God helps those that assist themselves.
  10. I save half of my pocket cash.
  11. I’ve a sister. ( I really like her very a lot.
  12. The boy whom you gave your ebook is my scholar.
  13. All that I mentioned is true.
  14. This isn’t such a great pen as I anticipated.
  15. All that glitters is just not gold.

The Adjective

Train 1

  1. Your pen is cheaper than my pen.
  2. A lion is the strongest of all animals.
  3. He’s a really intelligent boy.
  4. I don’t like expensive garments.
  5. That is probably the most fascinating of all books.
  6. He’s worse than others.
  7. Which of the three brothers is the youngest ?
  8. He’s the richest individual within the village.
  9. The Himalayas is the best mountain of the world.
  10. That is the most effective of all of the books.
  11. England is the oldest democracy on the planet.
  12. Mount Everest is the best peak of the Himalayas.
  13. This ebook is healthier than the opposite one.
  14. Rajasthan is the most important state in India.
  15. Prevention is healthier than remedy.

Train 2

  1. He takes bathtub on a regular basis.
  2. Which fruit do you want probably the most ?
  3. This pen prices 5 rupees.
  4. It’s a lovely rose.
  5. A small little one can’t remedy a troublesome drawback.
  6. Which home is yours ?
  7. My mom bought many expensive dolls for me.
  8. This bundle may be very heavy and can’t be lifted.
  9. Whose ebook is that this ?
  10. Sunday is the final day of the week.
  11. Throughout marriage one wears lovely garments.
  12. I’m keen on inexperienced greens.
  13. A very good working man by no means blames others.
  14. The Ganga is a holy river of India.
  15. I dislike black color.

The Adverb

Train 1

  1. The home the place you lived is on the market.
  2. I have no idea the place he ran away.
  3. Tell us the time when you’ll come.
  4. Ought to we proceed to Kolkata the place the assembly will probably be held ?
  5. I can’t perceive why he disobeyed me.
  6. Mild travels quicker than ( sound.
  7. The earlier we go away this place the higher it’s.
  8. The affected person is much better now.
  9. Are you fairly positive ?
  10. He all the time tries to do his greatest.
  11. First I had my bathtub after which I had my lunch.
  12. I favored the story very a lot.
  13. The solar all the time units within the west.
  14. We didn’t like her portray a lot.
  15. He can’t converse a sentence in English.

The Preposition

Train 1

  1. The Rajdhani Specific runs between New Delhi and Mumbai.
  2. My home is beside the river.
  3. The policeman ran after a thief.
  4. It’s seven o’clock by my watch.
  5. Ashoka dominated over an enormous empire.
  6. I’ll stand with you ( in difficulties.
  7. The shopkeeper offers in grains.
  8. She was crammed with pleasure.
  9. The coed was sorry for being late.
  10. Our authorities should deal with the senior residents.

Train 2

  1. Anyone knocked at my door.
  2. My mom may be very keen on music.
  3. It is best to study this poem by coronary heart.
  4. The street is beneath repairs.
  5. He alighted from the bus.
  6. Take note of what your instructor says.
  7. He apologized for his impolite conduct.
  8. Please write your roll quantity with ink.
  9. I want a pen to jot down with.
  10. He is superb at Arithmetic.

Train 3

  1. We must always all the time abide by the foundations of visitors.
  2. The supervisor signed the letter of the agency.
  3. My pal is hooked on opium.
  4. Rahul distributed sweets ( amongst his associates.
  5. Did you take heed to what I mentioned ?
  6. He has particular liking for Arithmetic.
  7. Adjust to my directions in any other case you’ll have to repent.
  8. Are you not ashamed of it ?
  9. He has recovered from his sickness.
  10. There isn’t a exception to this rule.

The Conjunction

Train 1

  1. You might be poor but you might be trustworthy.
  2. Mohan may be very wealthy however he’s not pleased.
  3. She took drugs nonetheless she was ailing.
  4. We are going to go to high school when the rain stops.
  5. Work onerous in any other case you’ll fail.
  6. She got here to me and began weeping.
  7. You possibly can return the pen or pay its price.
  8. Ramesh was responsible ( so he was punished.
  9. We will not go till they name us.
  10. You possibly can take both a pen or a pencil.

Train 2

  1. Look earlier than you leap.
  2. You possibly can ask my assist for those who want.
  3. We opened our ebook and commenced to learn.
  4. My brother in addition to my sister converse Punjabi.
  5. He’s so poor that he can’t pay his charge.
  6. Wait till I come again.
  7. Please wait right here till I ask you to go.
  8. Hurry up in any other case we will be late.
  9. He neither got here nor despatched any message.
  10. The instructor entered the category and commenced to show.

Train 3

  1. I can’t go away residence till my brother comes again.
  2. I have no idea the rationale why he desires to surrender his job.
  3. I’m busy but I shall discover a while for you.
  4. I shall see you tomorrow or the day after.
  5. There should be somebody on the door as a result of I hear a knock.
  6. I wrote many letters however he didn’t reply any of them.
  7. It’s higher to rule in hell than ( to serve in heaven.
  8. He had hardly reached the station when the prepare got here.
  9. As he will get a small wage, he can’t reside in a great home.
  10. I can lend you this ebook when I’ve learn it.

The Interjection

Train 1

  1. Alas!
  2. Goodbye associates!
  3. Howdy!
  4. Oh!
  5. Good heavens!
  6. Fie, Fie!
  7. Welcome associates!
  8. Hark!
  9. Ah!
  10. Hurrah!
  11. Look!
  12. Howdy!

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