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Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Lively Voice) are a part of UP Board Master for Class 10 English chapter List . Right here we have now given UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Lively Voice).

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ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameTenses and Their Uses (Active Voice)
ClassClass 10 English

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Lively Voice)

Train 1

  1. My mom at all times goes to Haridwar in summer season.
  2. An excellent scholar at all times works onerous.
  3. My uncle is aware of Urdu, Hindi and English.
  4. We at all times assist the poor.
  5. The moon shines within the night time.
  6. You play tennis each night.
  7. The celebrities twinkle within the night time.
  8. A thermometer ( measures temperature.
  9. I not often sleep within the afternoon.
  10. We spend most of our evenings in studying books.

Train 2

  1. They’re ploughing the fields.
  2. She is worshiping the God.
  3. We’re working onerous today.
  4. It’s getting darkish.
  5. It’s raining closely.
  6. I’m finding out this time.
  7. The affected person is sleeping.
  8. They’re watching T.V.
  9. I’m ready for my good friend.
  10. She is cooking meals.

Train 3

  1. I’ve seen a ghost simply now.
  2. The servant has defrosted the fridge simply.
  3. Have you ever heard about Madame Curie ?
  4. I’ve spoken about you to my boss this morning.
  5. Have you ever ever been to Mathura ?
  6. The milkman has not come but.
  7. My elder sister has not obtained up to this point.
  8. He has already utilized for the put up.
  9. They’ve made good progress.
  10. Ram has by no means gone to library.

Train 4

  1. They’ve learn on this faculty for 4 years.
  2. She opened the door and noticed a beggar standing on the gate.
  3. I’ve performed cricket since my childhood.
  4. We parted from each other ( in 1995.
  5. I’ve coached him for six months.
  6. When the instructor got here in, all the scholars stood up.
  7. They’ve served this workplace since 1990.
  8. He took half in a cricket match final yr.
  9. When the bell rang all the scholars assembled on the prayer floor.
  10. We have now waited for you for 2 hours.

Train 5

  1. He has been taking train for one hour.
  2. It has been raining cats and canines since 1 o’clock.
  3. She has been educating her brother since morning.
  4. Your servant has not been coming for ten days.
  5. Our opponent has been defeating us since then.
  6. The gardeners have been reducing the vegetation for 3 hours.
  7. We have now been taking quick for seven days.
  8. The clerks have been attending the workplace for 3 days.
  9. What number of college students have been taking entrance examination for 2 years ?
  10. He has been serving the society since 1999.

Train 6

  1. They performed a cricket match yesterday.
  2. Did you by no means assist the poor ?
  3. My uncle beloved my very a lot after I was a toddler.
  4. The farmers didn’t plough ( the fields yesterday.
  5. It rained closely final night time.
  6. When did you go to that saint ?
  7. I by no means instructed a lie in my life.
  8. Which novel did you learn final night time ?
  9. He didn’t know the pleasures of town.
  10. Did she lose her purse out there ?

Train 7

  1. Some college students have been happening bicycles.
  2. The instructor was educating grammar to class X.
  3. They weren’t enjoying any sport.
  4. Was she cooking meals yesterday ?
  5. The farmers have been working onerous within the discipline.
  6. My uncle was leaving for Kolkata on Monday.
  7. The monkeys weren’t consuming bananas.
  8. Was the solar rising within the east ?
  9. Why have been the scholars copying within the take a look at ?
  10. Was she washing her garments ?

Train 8

  1. Once I was driving my automotive, a policeman stopped me on the crossing.
  2. When he awoke, he noticed that his spouse was sitting beside him.
  3. Once I was crossing the street, I noticed an outdated man.
  4. When my father was studying the newspaper, he noticed my roll quantity in it.
  5. When my good friend was getting back from film, he met one in every of his outdated mates.
  6. We have been taking our meals, when a hearth broke out within the kitchen.
  7. It was raining after we began our journey.
  8. We have been having breakfast, after we heard a loud noise exterior.
  9. I used to be crossing the street, when ( a rickshaw hit me.
  10. Once I entered the room, I noticed my father was typing some letters.

Train 9

  1. By Four o’clock all the scholars had gone to their homes.
  2. After we reached the playground, the sport had began.
  3. The youngsters had taken their dinner earlier than they went to sleep.
  4. Once I reached the station, the practice had departed.
  5. I couldn’t acknowledge you. I had not seen you for a lot of days.
  6. She had bought all her property earlier than she died.
  7. They instructed me what that they had deliberate for the wedding of their daughter.
  8. Ajay had lived right here for ten years.
  9. The affected person died after the physician had come.
  10. I had written the letter earlier than I went to the post-office.

Train 10

  1. He had been studying the newspaper since 6 a.m.
  2. It had been raining since morning.
  3. My mom had been sleeping for 2 hours when the phone bell rang.
  4. This youngster had been liking candies for a lot of months.
  5. The friends had been coming to his home for a number of days.
  6. He had been dwelling on this home since Could.
  7. The place had he been dwelling for the final three years ?
  8. The celebrities had not been shining ( since midnight.
  9. I had been affected by fever since Monday.
  10. The lecturers had been educating the scholars for one week.

Train 11

  1. He got here again from Kolkata yesterday.
  2. He arrived right here final night.
  3. Ram has been ready for the final two hours.
  4. He remained a bachelor all his life.
  5. He rises earlier than daybreak on a regular basis.
  6. We will begin on our journey to Badrinath on Friday.
  7. I did my homework at 7 o’clock this morning.
  8. The servant has rang the bell simply now.
  9. I shall educate him tomorrow.
  10. He usually goes for fishing.
  11. Hari will get up at 6 o’clock on a regular basis.
  12. She is studying German these days.
  13. Have you ever ever loved espresso ?
  14. She was writing a letter.
  15. They might not assist him when he was in bother.

Train 12

  1. Strolling is nice for well being.
  2. He can have learnt his lesson earlier than you come.
  3. At six o’clock this morning I used to be strolling within the park.
  4. He’ll give me a ebook tomorrow.
  5. My son at all times will get up at 5 o’clock.
  6. He went to the station shortly lest he ought to miss the practice.
  7. The naughty boy ran away as he was afraid of the punishment.
  8. The rain has began earlier than I reached residence.
  9. Did he look nervous ?
  10. Sudheer has been marked absent.
  11. We have now been doing this work since morning.
  12. All people wants meals and ( shelter.
  13. O that I have been younger once more !
  14. Mohan will get up by 5 o’clock on a regular basis.
  15. We will go to America when we have now our passports prepared.

Train 13

  1. My father will-go residence when the rain stops.
  2. I want that I have been the Superintendent of Police.
  3. The affected person died after the physician had come.
  4. I shall educate him tomorrow.
  5. You stated that you just performed a match yesterday.
  6. The school peon has rung the bell simply now.
  7. After we have been returning residence, it instantly rained.
  8. I’ve by no means eaten such a tasteless meals.
  9. We had been working within the backyard since morning.
  10. She has been studying this novel since morning.
  11. The bus was going up the hill, when the brakes instantly failed.
  12. If he works onerous, he’ll get good ( marks within the examination.
  13. As we reached the platform, it instantly began raining.
  14. My brother has been dwelling on this home since 2001.
  15. He has been dwelling in Delhi for 5 years.

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