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Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Uses (Passive Voice)

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Passive Voice) are a part of UP Board Master for Class 10 English chapter List . Right here we now have given UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Passive Voice).

BoardUP Board
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameTenses and Their Uses (Passive Voice)
ClassClass 10 English

UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar Tenses and Their Makes use of (Passive Voice)

Train 1

  1. Books are offered right here by them.
  2. Grass is just not eaten by the birds.
  3. Are you really liked by John ?
  4. Milk is just not drunk by this baby.
  5. Anyone is rarely abused by us.
  6. Are the poor helped by them ?
  7. An egg was laid by the hen.
  8. A stick was picked up by him.
  9. Was he seen by you laughing ?
  10. These plans weren’t mentioned by us.
  11. She was discovered studying by me.
  12. She shall be praised by us.
  13. Will meals grains be imported by him ?
  14. The thieves will ( be caught by the police.
  15. Will dinner be not taken by you immediately ?

Train 2

  1. The mouse is being killed by the cat.
  2. A banana is being eaten by me.
  3. Is chess being performed by him ?
  4. Milk is being boiled by Kamla.
  5. Is the mud being raised by the automobile ?
  6. Is your job being modified by you ?
  7. A shirt is being purchased by him.
  8. Anyone is just not being cheated by me.
  9. Rice have been being cooked by her.
  10. Was TV being watched by them ?
  11. A candy music was being sung by her.
  12. Was a race being run by him ?
  13. The ball is just not being thrown by the kid.
  14. His tooth weren’t being brushed by him.
  15. Was attendance being taken by the trainer ?

Train 3

  1. Her nails have been trimmed by her.
  2. A sin has been dedicated by him.
  3. The tree has been lower by them.
  4. Have they been admitted by the principal ?
  5. Have you ever been pardoned by him ?
  6. The trains had been missed by the passengers.
  7. I had been discouraged by ( the end result.
  8. The movie had already been seen by me.
  9. Had their wage been paid by him ?
  10. The lion had not been killed by the hunter.
  11. The poem could have been learnt by them.
  12. Will the police have been knowledgeable by him ?
  13. You should have been invited by your pal.
  14. Will the very fact have been informed by them ?
  15. Will the sweets have been distributed by him ?

Train 4

  1. The police arrested the thief.
  2. Did he play a match ?
  3. I gave you a pen.
  4. Will the chief visitor give the prizes ?
  5. Nehru wrote this ebook.
  6. The individuals will ship a memorandum to the D.M.
  7. His buddies give him good presents yearly.
  8. He laughed at me.
  9. Her mistress ( dismissed her.
  10. The grandmother informed the tales.

Train 5

  1. The cat is consuming milk.
  2. The servant is cooking the meals.
  3. Is the nurse serving the affected person ?
  4. The boys have been throwing stones on the frogs.
  5. The farmers are reaping the crops.
  6. Was he saying a prayer ?
  7. I’m promoting my outdated automobile.
  8. I’m not promising my son a watch.
  9. My father was writing the letter.
  10. Was the supervisor calling a gathering ?

Train 6

  1. A boy has stolen my watch.
  2. The trainer has not taught this lesson.
  3. My brother has written this play.
  4. Had the scholars received the trophy ?
  5. Have you ever completed your work ?
  6. The daddy has not locked the gate.
  7. The principal could have fined me.
  8. The monkeys have spoiled all of the flowers.
  9. The washer man has ( ironed all the garments.
  10. I’ve not learn this ebook.

Train 7

  1. Will you give a gift to your sister ?
  2. When is your breakfast taken by you ?
  3. By whom was he elected chairman ?
  4. Has he washed all the garments ?
  5. How was the paper solved by you ?
  6. Has the Parliament handed the legislation ?
  7. The place has your cash been put by you ?
  8. When will you be known as by him ?
  9. How did you search your ebook ?
  10. Will the milk have been drunk by them ?

Train 8

  1. The tiger could be killed by them.
  2. The enemy may win the conflict.
  3. The reality needs to be informed me by him.
  4. The trainer ought to punish him.
  5. Your lesson should be learnt by you.
  6. The affected person should not do exhausting work.
  7. The match is likely to be received by our workforce.
  8. I needs to be taught by him.
  9. Chances are you’ll water the crops.
  10. She may open the letter.

Train 9

  1. You might be requested to change on the sunshine. या Let the sunshine be switched on.
  2. You might be ordered to jot down ( your full title. या Let your full title be written.
  3. Don’t miss the prayer.
  4. You might be ordered to name the peon right here. या Let the peon be known as right here.
  5. Kill him,
  6. Please assist him.
  7. You might be requested to carry me some milk. या Let some milk be delivered to me.
  8. At all times converse the reality.
  9. You might be requested to clarify me this query once more.
  10. Don’t inform a lie.
  11. Name him.
  12. Let his lesson be learnt by him. या You might be requested to let him study his lesson.
  13. Examine his B.P.
  14. You might be suggested to shut your eyes for a second. या Let your eyes be closed for a second.
  15. You might be ordered to open all of the home windows. या Let all of the home windows be opened.

Train 10

  1. The kids are allowed by their dad and mom to do what they like.
  2. Mr. Das teaches us English.
  3. I used to be not launched by her to her mom.
  4. A lorry knocked him down.
  5. We will be taught grammar by a brand new trainer.
  6. The washer man washes my garments.
  7. I’ve enormously been on this ebook.
  8. He happy everyone.
  9. The match has been received by them.
  10. A mistake has been made by him.
  11. A lot of dramas have been written by Kalidas.
  12. By whom have been you taught English ?
  13. He was greeted by little women on ( his arrival
  14. The matter needs to be determined by her.
  15. The liberty fighters are all the time admired.

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