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Class 10 English Grammar The Sentence : Kinds

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ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Grammar
Chapter NameThe Sentence : Kinds
ClassClass 10 English


UP Board Master for Class 10 English Grammar The Sentence : Sorts


  1. Assertive,
  2. Assertive,
  3. Assertive,
  4. Assertive,
  5. Unfavourable,
  6. Interrogative,
  7. Interrogative,
  8. Interrogative,
  9. Exclamatory,Crucial,
  10. Optative,
  11. Crucial,
  12. Assertive,
  13. Interrogative,
  14. Interrogative,
  15. Crucial,
  16. Exclamatory,
  17. Unfavourable,
  18. Interrogative,
  19. Optative.

A mix of phrases which provides an entire which means known as a sentence. There are numerous sorts of sentence relying upon its construction and performance. On the premise of its perform, a sentence has the next 4 varieties.
Crucial Sentence
Interrogative Sentence
Declarative Sentence
Varieties of Sentences (on the premise of perform)
Exclamatory Sentence
  Declarative sentence
A sentence which declares or asserts a press release known as declarative sentence. It merely broadcasts an thought. It has a plan assertion. A declarative sentence ends with a full-stop mark or a interval (.).

He’s going to varsity.
He purchased a brand new laptop computer.
They’re taking part in soccer.
I noticed my buddy on the street.
He’s learning a guide.
She is watching a film.
  Interrogative sentence
A sentence that has a query known as Interrogative sentence. It’s also known as a question-sentence. An interrogative sentence ends with a question-mark (?).

How are you?
When will he come?
The place are you going?
What’s your passion?
Will you assist me?

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