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UP Board Chapter 6 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson
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Chapter Chapter 6
Chapter Number Number 2 Summary of the Lesson
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Introdution : This lesson has been written by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. He was a renowned philosopher and statesman. He was a good speaker. In this extract
selected from his book ‘True knowledge the writer tells us about women’s education. In the modem times there are great opportunities for women in every field of life. Women should acquire perfection and sincerity of purpose.

Needs of education

Needs of education : Today women are getting some education. But their education should be broad and deep. Some kind of purpose in life is necessary There should be single-mindedness, a dedication to a single purpose. Education should impart learning as well as skill. There should be an aim of education. That aim must be adopted according to the relevent needs of the present day life and generation. Education should also enable us to earn livelihood. The chief aim of education is the initiation into a higher life. Compassion is the natural quality or woman. It should be developed. Study of our great classics can mould the minds because they give us great moral support.


Conclusion: In ancient times women could study Vedas and Upanishads. They could chant Gayatri mantra. But gradually civilization decayed and women were kept aside of these rituals. Women are now getting their rights once again

UP Board Syllabus Chapter 6 Class 12th English (Prose)
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