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UP Board Chapter 7 Class 12th Summary of the Lesson
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Introduction : This lesson has been written by A.L. Basham. He wrote a book ‘The Wonder That Was India’. This lesson is extracted from that book. The culture of
India is described in that book. Here the writer presents the permanence of ancient Hindu civilization. This civilization has absorbed in itself the best of all other
cultures. Its own cultural traditions have remained alive.

Social reforms

Social reforms: Ram Mohan Roy and Vivekanand started the programmes of social reform, nationalism and social service. Gandhiji developed the idea of social service as a religious duty. Gandhiji was influenced by Western ideas, which taught him liberalism, love of the down trodden persons and strong dislike for caste system. He was also influenced by the Sermon on the Mount and by Tolstoy. His followers are continuing the work of reform.

Present condition

Present condition : Today Indians are eager to reform social structure. Conditions are changing. Indian culture is assimilating. The culture of the West as
it did with many cultures that came here in the past. Old practices are vanishing. The condition of women is now changing. They are availing better facilities.


Conclusion: It is expected that Indians will not blindly copy Europeans. They will not give up their old traditions and culture. Hindu civilization will continue toconstantly flourish permanently and constantly.

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